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To disseminate information about archives and promote the application of archives, NAA published "Archives LOHAS" No.1 on July 16, 2007, and since then has continued to publish and deliver it by email in the middle of each month, actively informing the public about NAA policies and services, the availability of access to archives, NAA activities, and new knowledge concerning archives. Subscribe to Archives LOHAS
Article Title
Taiwan Set Sail—100-years Developement of the South and North Ports(No.160)
Formosa—Taiwan's Tourism Industry (No.159)
Uncover the Secret History of Dadan Island (No.158)
Taiwan Sugar Industry's Foreign Aid and Technical Assistance to other Countries (No.157)
Cholera Eradication in Taiwan in 1962 and the Trade with Japan(No.156)
Mountain and River Landscape—Chenching Lake from Industry to Tourism(No.155)
The Railway Department Office Marks 100 Years(No.154)
The War of Bacteria—International Cooperation and Preventation of the Plague (No. 153)
China Airlines—From Military Management to Customer-oriented Services(No.152)
Multiple Products of Sugar Industry(No.151)
Development of Container Shipping in Taiwan(1960-1980)(No.150)
A Key Element to Victory of the Guningtou Battle(No.149)
A Nationwide Sugar Railways Network(No.148)
Glorious Past of the Agenna Shipyard(No.147)
The 87 Floods and Homeland Rehabilitation(No.146)
Kaohsiung to Become Special Municipality(No.145)
Exchange 4 thousand for 1-Issue and Circulation of New Taiwan Dollar(No.144)
New Urban Face—Transform 3 wheeled vehicles into 4 wheeled vehicles (No.143)
Interpret Book Without Words- Geological Survey and Geologic Map of Taiwan (No.142)
Conservation and Tourism—National Parks in Taiwan (No.141)
Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and its Surrounding Transport System (No.140)
National Treasures—Artifact Collection of National Palace Museum were Transported to Taiwan Separately (No.139)
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