Access to Archives

I. Archives Application Procedures
(I) Archives Catalog Search
To apply for access to archives, please first search archives catalog via Archives Access service website(known as A+).
(II) Submitting Access Application
1. Offline Application
After locating the desired archives catalog from A+, please fill out the Application for Access to Archival Records form(which can be downloaded online or obtained from NAA), sign it and submit it to NAA via mail/fax, email or in person along with copy of valid ID.
2. Online Application
In addition to offline application, NAA also provides remote services for access to archives. Those who have already obtained the Certification IC Card may inquire about the desired archives catalog from A+. The application may be submitted online.
3. Service Reservation
To help the applicant save time, NAA also accept reservation for access to archives. Prior to coming to NAA, the applicant may submit application for viewing, copying or duplicating archives via fax, mail, email or the Internet beforehand.

(III) Review Notice
After it is received by NAA, the application form normally does not require individual review. If the entire content of the requested records has been scanned, it will in principle be provided on the same day the application form is received. If duplication service is required, the duplicates will be provided within 5 days after the duplication fee is received. In the event the application form requires individual review, the applicant will be notified of the review outcome in 15 days. If necessary, an additional 15 days may be required.
In the event, excessive quantity of records is being requested for or whole-text scanning has not been completed for the requested records, the records will be provided severally according to the situation.

(IV) Access to Archives
 Those approved for access to the original archives need to be on site at the Archives Access Center, and must return the archives on the same day. NAA also offer full-text transmission services via mail, fax or Internet.
II. Archives Remote Services
Planned and developed by NAA, Archives Access service website(A+) was unveiled in June 2005. Besides integrated varies media of archives catalog search services, it has added online access remote service functions to help the public access archives. Through A+, you can check the archives catalog information through the Internet anytime, anywhere you want. If you have obtained the Certification IC Card, you can even utilize A+ to complete online application for access to archives, and online browsing. TOP

III. Archives Access Fee Standard
Viewing or hand-copying of archives is free of charge. The standard fees for duplication of archives are as follows:
Record reproduction format
Standard fee (NT$) Notes
A4 B4 A3
Black-and-white paper copies
(each page)
NT$2 NT$2
Fees for color copies are 5x those listed on the left.
Electronic files
(each image)
NT$2 NT$4 NT$4
1.  For image resolution below 200dpi.
2.  A separate fee is charged for the storage medium.
3.  There is no reproduction of the archives, and NAA needs to digitize the archives according to user’s demand. It will be charged in accordance with above the Fee Standards.
Mail service
NAA charges the cost of postage plus an additional NT$50 for handling.

IV. Archives Access Center
To provide for the public a quality facility to access archives, National Archives Administration established the Archives Access Center on the first floor with the following services:TOP
Archives access services
Archives application reference services
Archives catalog search assistance (guidance)
Free pamphlets and literatures
Archives books/journals (for reading) and archives information (for duplication)
Service Hours: Monday thru Friday, 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM (no lunch break). Closed on national holidays.
Service hotline: 886-2-8995-3630
Fax Service hotline: 886-2-8995-6471
Address: No. 1F, North Tower, No.439, Zhongping Rd., Xinzhuang Dist., New Taipei City 242.
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