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Each archives cultural good is designed and produced from formats or contents of archives by NAA. NAA’s Cultural goods made people experience the uniqueness and diversity of archives when using goods in the daily lives. NAA has established the area for archives cultural goods on 1F in the North Tower of Xinzhung Joint Office Tower. In addition, some goods are available at the museum shops of Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Government Publications Bookstore, Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 1 Area A, Terminal II Area C and the departure hall at the 3rd Floor , Academia Historica, National Museum of Taiwan Literature, Book Site, National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall and Taipei Confucius Temple Cultural and Creative Center, and YM Oceanic Culture & Art Museum. Welcome to visit any of our shopping channels.

In addition, the NAA commissioned an artist to create 24 cute stickers adapted from the NAA’s mascot “Archives” by transforming his funny words, abundant facial expressions, and movements into archivists’ daily routines for users to send greetings and to have interactions with others. The NAA looks forward bringing full energy to everyone on a daily base. Welcome to buy the stickers through LINE Store.

Furthermore, the NAA has authorized Gaea Books to publish two comic books "Surges and Waves: Free China, the Chinese Junk" and "The Wind Chaser under the Blue Sky" since 2021. The former is about the Chinese Junk and the latter is about Taiwan railway (important antiques). Through transforming researching content of archival records and historical materials, the professional comic book team created and edited easy-to-read publications for the general public to let archives get involved in people’s life. The comic books are now for sale at the Books Online, Eslite Bookstore, Kingstone Bookstore, etc.

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*Product Catalogue
01. Time Travel- Luggage Strap with  Combination Lock and Weighing Scale Gift Set
Dimensions: 5*200 cm (product), 7.2*14.5*5.5 cm (box)
Material: Electronic components, Stainless steel, Polypropylene, Polyester, PVC (product); PVC transparent box (box)
Price: NTD 400
As time goes by, we search for treasures hidden in archives to capture the memories of the ephemera. We travel through the intertwined past and present, passing on, discovering and creating, unlocking the future of the heart.

02. Story Telling /Memory Collecting Mug and Coaster Sets

Dimensions: 8 x9.5cm(mug)、11 x 0.8cm(coaster)、11.5 x 11 x 9.5 cm(box)
Material: semi-porcelain (mug)、ceramic clay (coaster)、corrugated board (box)
Price: NTD 299(per set)
The design of “Story Telling” and “Memory Collection” mug and coaster sets are inspired by the logo and the architecture of the National Archives of Taiwan (R.O.C.). It is designed for you to explore personal memories and archival stories while enjoying favorite beverages. It is also a distinctive gift for friends.

03. Memory.One Pair Glasses with Railway Life Icons
Dimensions: 6.5*8.3 cm,150mL (product), 14.5*9*7cm (box)
Material: Glass (mat); Kraft paper (box)
Price: NTD 320
Extracting elements of railway life from archival records, condensing busy and warm memories into the cup. Though time passes quickly and everything changes, the rich taste of Taiwan remains. Cheers!

04. Carrying the Salt and the Light∣Coaster Gift Box
Dimensions: 10.8*10.8*H1.3 cm ((product), 30*15*3.5 cm (box)
Material: Glass (product); Kraft paper (box)
Price: NTD 460
The endless sparkling salt fields reflected the sea breeze and sunlight. The brine was stirred to accumulate mountains of salt by those who bore piles of it on their shoulders in sweats under the scorching sun. Carrying the salt and the light, we recall the exclusive platinum-like memories of salt in Taiwan for the past three centuries again.

05. Archives USB Flash Drive
Dimensions: 4.5*2.5*8.3 cm (USB flash drive), 5.2*5.2*12.5cm (box)
Memory Storage Capacity: 16GB
Hardware Interface: USB 2.0
Price: NTD 250
Material: PVC
The NAA designed this USB flash drive with an action figure based on the image of its mascot, Archives. With the eye-catching, relaxing and functional features, this unique good stuff will make the giver delighted and the receiver amazed.

06. Eating Together / Porcelain Bowl Gift Box
Dimensions: 12.7*6.2cm (mat), 30*15.5*8 cm (box)
Material: Ceramics (mat); Kraft paper (box)
Price: NTD 550
In early days, Taipei Circle, also known as Chien-Cheng Circle, was the snack night market in northern Taiwan. With the rich diversity of local Taiwanese cuisines and a very reasonable price, it became an important spot in public memories. National Archives Administration extracts elements from archived images regarding the prosperous circle by capturing the street view of stall signs at daytime and of lighting tracks at nighttime. The image of the porcelain bowl reveals the hustle and bustle in good old days as if the sensational scents spread out miles away again like it used to be.

07. “Memories of Harbors” canvas bag
Dimensions: 32*40cm
Material: Canvas
Price: NTD 160
Ports provide shelter to vessels, and navigation charts are lucky charm for sailing. NAA uses elements of a bathymetric map to design the dynamic pictures to symbolize that vessels brave the winds and waves to move forwards. Since the bag has suitable Dimensions and light weight, you can hold it in hand or across shoulder. Also the bag with high quality and practicality meets the needs of modern life.

08. "Port Impression" Table Mat
Dimensions: 43*30cm (mat),30.5*14.5*1cm (box)
Material: Cotton, Polyester, Bamboo tableware (mat); Kraft paper (box)
Price: NTD 390
On the Table Mat we drew images of two harbors to inform people of the locations and their history. The design inspiration comes from archives. The images of the harbor workers, the bridge crane, the container ships, and the cruise ships are combined with the image of the marine chart. With this design we try to help people imagine the scenes that would have surrounded the old harbors of Taiwan.

09. Bamboo Hourglass for Sweet Moment
Dimensions: 1.5*7.5cm (main body), 4*3*9cm (bamboo frame), 5*3.5*10cm (box), 3 minutes
Material: glass (main body), silica sand, moso bamboo
Price: NTD 420
Idea comes from photos of sugar refinery taken in 1964. NAA selects some parts representing characteristics of the sugar industry to create this bamboo hourglass. The sand in the hourglass seems like past efforts of the sugar industry, as well as a symbol for the passage of time. This product is packed in a box with a card featuring sugar cane, train and refinery to arouse our memories of sweet stories.

10. Geologic Map Silk Scarf
Dimensions: 110*53cm (scarf), 14.5*14.5*1cm (box)
Material: 100% silk
Price: NTD 900
Idea comes from “Geologic Map of Taiwan” drafted in 1953. NAA selects layered and bright parts of the map to create this silk scarf for you and anyone you concerned to experience its smooth touch and beauty.

11. Map Bookmarks
Dimensions: 7*14cm (bookmarks), 12*15cm (bag)
Material: paper
Price: NTD 120
The images of map bookmarks are based on archives of “Postal Map of Taiwan District”, “Map of Taipei”, “Map of Taichung”, and “May of Tainan”. The set of bookmarks were packed in a bag made with tracing paper. Having the map bookmarks to embrace precious maps of Taiwan and local cities, as well as explore details of maps! It is not only a hipster essential, also a delicate present.

12. Sports Towel
Dimensions: 29*100cm(towel), 20*28cm(zipper bag)
Material: 80% polyester, 20% nylon
Price: NTD 500
The sports towel is based on the archives of “Customs Gold Voucher 10,000 Yuan” issued in 1946. You can exercise with this towel to catch people’s eyes. As a present for yourself or other people, this product is attractive and practical, also worthy of personal collection.

13. Archives Bookmark
Dimensions: 4.2*4.2cm
Material: bronze sheet
Price: NTD 75
The image of the bookmark is based on the word of “Archives” with the design of Chinese-style ancient coin and carving. Foreigners have shown a preference for this product.

14. Archives Bookmark
Dimensions: 4.2*4.2cm
Material: paper
Price: NTD 50
The image of the bookmark is based on the word of “Archives” with the design of Chinese-style ancient coin and carving. Foreigners have shown a preference for this product.

15. Notebook
Dimensions: 21*13*1.3cm
Material: paper, hardcover binding
Price: NTD 95
With primarily blank pages and some coloring pages with selective archives images and cute illustrations, the notebook makes you write and draw for keeping various thoughts and memories at every moment.

16. File Folder
Dimensions: 30.9*22*0.1cm(upright)
Material: polypropylene
Price: NTD 50
This file folder with simple lines and pictures represents the robust, elegant feature of archives. The folder is very useful for you to collect documents and put name cards to its right side.

17. National Archives Puzzle
Dimensions: 38*26cm
Material: hard paper
Price: NTD 120
Using the archives of five old Taiwan dollars issued in 1946 as elements to create 247 piece national archives puzzle. You can experience the wonder of archives when doing puzzles.

18. Monopoly
Dimensions: 21.8*22.5cm
Material: paper, polypropylene
Price: NTD 400
Combine archives to history and games, the production shows the development of the State-Owned Enterprises in Taiwan. You can travel around the world’s money and markets when playing the monopoly with friends or other people in a funny way.

19. Desk Calendar
Dimensions: 20.5*18*8cm (upright)
Material: paper
Price: NTD 120
The desk calendar is based on images taken in 1950s and 1960s with brief explanations. Not only does this product help you manage the time in your daily life, also experience old times. It is practical and flexible to fill in dates.

20. Mat
Dimensions: 35*7.5*6.5cm
Material: cotton and linen
Price: NTD 285
The image of the mat is based on the archives of “Early Specialties in Taiwan” drafted by the Joint Commission on Rural Reconstruction in 1956. The mat packed in a cardboard box makes you explore everything about unique specialties in Taiwan.

21. Ring Holder
Dimensions: 4.5*3.5cm
Material: polypropylene
Price: NTD 60
You can put this delicate ring holder on the backside of your phone. Using this product keeps the phone steady for you to read and write easily.

22. Non-woven Bag with a notebook
Dimensions: 25.5*19.5cm
Material: non-woven cloth
Price: NTD 65
This non-woven bag is used to collect small Dimensions 3C products, as well as to collect stationery items, personal goods and so forth. This product with a notebook provides colors of red, orange and grey for you to choose.

23. Book Cover
Dimensions: 17.5*23cm
Material: cotton and linen
Price: NTD 280
The image of the book cover is based on illustrations of the Battle of Ku-Ning-Tou, such as 1949-10-25 bomb, M5A1 chariot named Bear of Kinmen. It keeps a nation’s memory with simple and interesting images.

24. Silicone Cup Lid
Dimensions: 10cm (diameter)
Material: silicone
Price: NTD 145
Use little red taco with cute pose as the symbol of surfing and searching to encourage people to search archival resources via ACROSS. Its style gives strength and hope to people. Also it is absorptive and portable.

25. Archives Handbag
Dimensions: 33*17*6.5cm
Material: Outer layer-white TC (65%polyester and 35%cotton), Lining-heavy beige cotton twill canvas
Price: NTD 168
NAA uses pictures of archives mascot- Archives and the Archives Month to create this light and cute handbag. With features of dirt resistance and firm feel, this product allows you to carry cups smoothly, also its wide-mouth design is suitable for 350-600 CC various type of cups for drink, coffee and thermos bottles.
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