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Archives recorded the historical tracks of a nation development in which implied the intellectual outcomes of our government continuous progresses. All records for public policies implementation of government agencies also is a kind of important cultural asset. National Archives Administration (N.A.A) has been established since November of 2001 that also has laid a legitimate foundation of records managements, which has contributed to the field of public records significantly and harvested accomplishments greatly. It is my honor to assume the post of director general of the institution and to lead a group of outstanding colleagues, we will face new challenges and opportunities altogether for improving archival business.

In the course of evolution, we realized that there will be many challenges about current records management issues, for instances, the speed of national archives transfer increments exponentially, the shortage of repository space, the deficiency of managerial skills, the sense of archives access has been getting popular, the effectiveness of records application has been waiting for improving, the difficulties of electronic records management in which grows fast with ephemeral lifecycle and so on. Besides, worldwide archives management standards have been developing rapidly; therefore we have considerately taken account into participating international communities to avoid the risk of marginalization. 

Information technologies influences relationships among individuals and group organizations that become more closely. We have also recognized that the development of archives business depended on the need of our society. Its corresponded positions and playing roles in a modern society and economy activities have been realized continually with time series. National Archives Administration is a manager of national archival heritage and an assist for propagating value added application of agencies and citizen records. Hence, we not only to acquire national archives comprehensively and converse properly, but also need to discover insight knowledge of archives to wake up civilian interest for records. We will be very zealous to construct archival knowledge services network for following public opinions and social contexts in news in the future, in which we will provide related application services on archival knowledge on civilian focus issues to create a cultural originality value-added archival related applications. 

In the near future, we will keep forwards to two main perspectives that are managing national archives properly and facilitating national archives access under our existing foundations and plans.  For the sake of keeping sound archives management institution and functionality, we will plan to construct national archives buildings for expanding repository space, to accelerate on national archives acquisition and preservation, to enhance the collaboration and cooperation among the communities of libraries, museums and archives and to propagate the development of archival knowledge with the value-added application of national. All above will be as the pivot of the policies implementation of our institution. 

Hopefully, we need all of you assist and support us consecutively as usual. And we also expect all prominent persons from different fields to advise us. Furthermore, we eagerly hope all records management units of government agencies and all of which staffs are able to cooperate with each other for constructing best quality of records management and services institution. In addition, for the core value of providing the evidence of our nation development and creating intellectual assets regarding our nation, we work hard to accomplish the vision of raising the effectiveness of government knowledge management and to facilitate archival information open access, so as to creating infinite possibility of national archives along with you altogether. 

Appreciate all your support cordially and all best wishes!

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