Organization Act

Organization Act of the National Archives Administration, National Development Council

Promulgated on 21 August 2013

Article 1
The National Development Council has established the National Archives Administration (NAA) to deal with the management and use of government agency records.
Article 2
The NAA shall be in charge of the following matters:
1. studying and drafting policies, legislation, and management systems for archives;
2. supervising and assessing the management and use of government agency records, and compiling and publishing government agency records catalogs;
3. reviewing the government agency record retention periods and disposal practices;
4. appraising and classifying archives, setting retention periods, and settling disputed matters;
5. acquiring, transferring, organizing, and preserving national archives, making them available for use, and planning and implementing the establishment of facilities;
6. accepting donations of, accepting custody of, and purchasing documents or artifacts owned by private individuals or groups;
7. planning and coordinating the building of documents and archives information systems;
8. researching the management and use of archives, and conducting related publishing, technology development, academic exchange, and international cooperation, as well as training of archive management personnel;
9. planning and implementing document timeliness control at government agencies under the Executive Yuan; and
10. other matters pertaining to archives.
Article 3
The NAA shall have one director-general, who shall be a 13th-grade senior-level career civil servant, and two deputy directors-general, who shall be 12th-grade senior-level career civil servants.
Article 4
The NAA shall have one chief secretary, who shall be an 11th-grade senior-level career civil servant.
Article 5
The civil service ranks and occupational grades attaching to each occupational title at the NAA shall be separately set out in a staffing chart.
Article 6
This Act shall enter into force on the date prescribed by an order of the Executive Yuan.

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