Archives Preservation Center

The Administration moved into the north Xinzhuang Joint Office Tower, Executive Yuan at the end of 2013, and established the Archives Preservation Center which included Paper Archives Conservation Room,  a Archives Description and Digitalization room, and a Multimedia Archives Studio on the second floor, as well as Archives Repository on the 7th and 8th floors, as a center to carry out archive conservation, replication, description, preservation and other operations. The aim of setting up this center is to improve professional skill capacities in record-keeping and maintenance and in archive replication and storage. It can also serve as a visitors’ observation and practical experience training ground, promoting the activity of saving national memory among all our citizens.
 1. Paper Archives Conservation Room: Apart from setting up a repair and mounting operations area, a archives status viewing area has also been added, with complete professional paper archives mounting and viewing equipment.
  Paper Archives Conservation Room
2. Archives Description and Digitalization Room: Includes space for archives replication as well as arrangement and description, with complete related operational equipment.
  Archives Description and Digitalization Room

3. Multimedia Archives Studio: Reading equipments for photographic, audio and video tape, electronic media etc., for clean and straightforward repair and transposition operations.

Multimedia Archives Studio

4. Archives Repository : With an area of approximately 4,773 square meters, it holds about 30 kilometers of archives. Built with a energy-efficient air conditioning system, it provides the standard environment for various kinds of archival materials, for preserving archives.
5. Archives Material Display Zone: To promote the concept of archives conservation and preservation, the center has set up a special “Archives Material Display Zone” to introduce and showcase archives of the four main media categories; paper, photographic, video (and audio) tape, and electronic media. Repair tools and materials are displayed, so that visitors are able to have an actual contact experience. This is combined with interactive audio-video multimedia to enhance awareness and concern among people of all walks of life towards file media and its preservation and repair work, so they may give forethought to the preservation and conservation of archives.
  Archives Material Display Zone
Last Updated: 2021-04-20
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