Service plan

The purpose of maintaining archives holdings is to provide access, education, and outreach services. The theme of this project is "constructing a building to national-level specs." Once completed, it will have enough space to store 100 kilometers of archives, thus meeting 20 years of archival storage needs. At the same time, it will also have spaces that are used to develop a diverse range of services and technologies. The building will have 10 floors above ground the two floors below, and floor space will total roughly 49,078.83m2.
Due to the limited availability of national resources, this facility will be built in phases. As the volume of archives grows each year, new archives repositories will be built to keep up with growing demand. There is now an 20:1 gap between the volume of records awaiting transfer to the NAA and the archival capacity of the system. The current project is the first phase of a longer-term plan, and places top priority on meeting storage needs over the coming 20 years. In coordination with plans for the launch of essential services, plans are being drawn up for the building of needed space and facilities. After that, depending on the availability of government revenues and the rate of annual increase in archives, we will propose the construction of additional repository capacity to meet long-term storage needs.

To incorporate educational, cultural, and leisure functions into our archives services, we plan to take the following measures:
 ☆ Provide more convenient access
Install reading rooms for all archives on all types of media, and provide a more diverse range of access facilities and services so that members of the public can easily access archives.
☆ Organize a wide variety of exhibits
Build exhibit space to display archival treasures, to illustrate how the media for hardcopy records have evolved over time, and to shine a spotlight on important incidents and issues. Acting in line with the principle of combining physical facilities, context, and the use of technology, we will create a lively, vivid, and varied style.
☆ Expand multi-functional services, promote education and culture
Use humanistic technologies and facilities of all types to establish environments for learning and teaching about archives, and open shops that sell cultural and creative products. The idea is to make the archives facility a culturally rich hotspot where people can come for a bit of edifying relaxation and rejuvenation.
In addition, with an eye to "improving archive storage and preservation techniques" and "developing long-term storage of digitized documents," the archives facility will work to develop spaces for display of document information technologies, archive restoration and reproduction techniques, long-term storage techniques for archives on all types of media. The purposes are to further build up the nation's information infrastructure, learn from the experience of advanced nations, make use of our rich archival holdings, further research archival content and restoration techniques, and spur cooperation between industry, government, academia, and research institutions for the purpose of enhancing professional skills.

National archives services & functions


Concept image showing the National Archives main entrance


Concept image showing the National Archives main lobby



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