Vision and role

✮ Vision ✮

Deeper national memory & convenient access to archives

We intend to build a national landmark that is intelligent, environmentally friendly, high-profile, and attractive to visitors. This building will provide an archival facility and an academic research environment that is redolent of knowledge, culture, and professionalism. As a treasure trove of archives with every imaginable sort of content, this structure will house a powerful information platform that provides a multitude of wonderfully convenient archival services, and will serve as a base of cooperation in the effort to develop new archival technologies. We will link up with local culture to develop archival services as a type of cultural and creative industry, thus creating a location that people like to go for a fun and leisurely time.


✮ Roles ✮

Comprehensive source material facility for the national memory

This facility will house a comprehensive and diverse collection of archives stored in a variety of different media. It will add considerable substance to the national memory, and facilitate the efforts of anyone seeking to better understand what our nation has been through at every stage of its historical development. This is what is called for if we are to fully preserve historically significant archives and shine a spotlight on their tremendous value.

Most authoritative access and research center for the national memory

The opening of this facility will enable all citizens to conveniently make use of government records. As the nation's premier institution for archival access and research, this facility promises to make a very positive contribution by informing the public about government policy initiatives, preserving history and culture, and reinforcing national cohesion.
A national memory learning center that is a "must visit" for all people

This facility will allow for better use of both archival content and physical space. Skillfully applied information technology and new media, for example, will provide a wide range of learning content, and the facility will join forces with schools at all levels and cultural organizations to hold educational activities and support formal education. This will make the facility the ideal venue for learning about the national memory. Then, by mixing in a cultural and creative industry component it will attract cultural tourism, increase visitorship, and become a learning destination that absolutely everyone will want to experience.

A professional R&D center for national memory technologies

The new facility will have a special division dedicated to professional R&D work and experimentation. This division will develop new technologies for maintenance of archives stored on all kinds of media, long-term preservation of electronic files, and information system operations, and will also establish partnerships with overseas peer institutions in order to engage in joint research and technical exchanges focusing on each other's software and hardware resources. Such undertakings will ensure that our archival R&D work and technologies are on par with international standards.


Visions, objectives, and roles

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