Operational Guidelines for Government Documents and Records Management Computerization

The guidelines include the processing principles of official document compilation, signing on official documents, process management, transfer exchanges and records management, and the functional requirements of Electronic Documents and Records Management System, and provide computerized standards for the establishment of document records in government organizations. In addition to achieving the goal of energy saving and papermaking, the guidelines promote the electronic operation of documents and records.
In addition, in order to facilitate the electronic exchange of documents between various government organizations, companies and groups, the guidelines specify the public text transmission format and attachment format for electronic exchange. Moreover, in order to achieve the goal of paper reduction, Taiwan government has actively promoted the electronic document online approval with digital signatures, which has resulted in the increasing numbers of electronic records. To ensure the long-term security of electronic records, the authenticity, integrity and accessibility of electronic records, to assist organizations in properly managing electronic records and to facilitate transfer of electronic records, the guidelines set the format for encapsulated files using digital signatures, the formats of electronic preservation for records, the formats of transferring the records catalog of government organizations and the formats of transferring records etc., and establish a uniform naming principle for the electronic records of government organizations.
Last Updated: 2021-01-07
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