Archives semiannual introduction

Archives Semiannual introduction

    “Archives Semiannual” (original name is “Archives Quarterly”) launched in December 2001 and published the first volume in 2002; this periodical have changed its issuing period to every June and December since 2016 (the 15th volume).
    “Archives Semiannual” is a publication which includes academic research and administrative practice reports. The objective is to provide a place that all the archives administration staff and profession can exchange related experiences and share a variety of professional knowledge. In order to meet the objective, “Archives Semiannual” includes 2 categories: academic articles and general articles.
Academic articles include archival studies and theoretical research, archival administration system analysis, archives access services, archives collection and preservation, information and technology development research, archival law analysis, and archival subject research, etc.
General articles include archives management practice, archives collection and application, introduction of Archives subject, important archives-related activities, updated archival information, and introduction of international archives administration organizations and systems, etc.
     Welcome to read this periodical to learn the concept of archives administration and the latest developments. And welcome to send your archival articles to us to share your valuable knowledge and experience. Only because of your joint-effort, we can make a unique and comprehensive “Archives Semiannual”.

Remarks: We only provide the catalogue and academic articles’ summary for the current issue. After 6 months of publication, we will provide the full-content articles authorized by the authors on the website. Some articles are not published on-line until we acquire author's authorization.
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