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Volume Number / Issue Number 20/1
Title A Study on Risks and Evaluation Criteria of Electronic Records in Government Agencies in Taiwan
Issued Date 2021/6
Author Chen Long-Tian, Lin Chiao-Min
Abstract The management of electronic records is a ubiquitous and developing issue. The purpose of this study is to identify the risks of Taiwan government agencies migrating hard copies to electronic form. By reviewing various related studies, this study had gained basic understandings about evaluating the risks of electronic records in government agencies and the criteria being used. This study modifies and integrates these criteria in order to apply them into further study. First, 73 criteria were discovered and were grouped into 9 categories. These categories are staff and employee rearrangement, transfer of electronic records, unauthorized access, strategic management, relevance-based electronic record positioning, information system, disposal of electronic records, corruption of electronic records, and email and social media messages. Subsequently, a Delphi survey was conducted to query the opinions of archival scholars and experts in order to reach a consensus. By a 3-rounds Delphi investigation, 63 criteria had been verified and therefore created with the groupings of 9 categories as mentioned before. This study accordingly proposes results and suggestions for future reference in applying and formulating these criteria. 
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