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Volume Number / Issue Number 19/2
Title The Research for the Preservation of Urban Industrial Heritage in Taiwan: a Case of Nangang Cork & Crown Manufactory
Issued Date 2020/12
Author Hsiao Chen-An
Abstract Nangang Cork & Crown Manufactory is located in Nangang District, Taipei City. It used to be a private company
“Domestic Cork Industrial Company Limited” established in 1941. After the World War II, the company became
“Nangang Cork & Crown Manufactory” which belonged to Taiwan Tobacco & Wine Monopoly Bureau, was once
the largest cork & crown manufactory in Taiwan. In 2004, according to the consideration of urban development and
operating costs, the factory’s production line and employees were moved to Guishan District, Taoyuan City. Since
then, the original factory has been idle for many years. In 2013, in order to carry out urban planning, the Nangang Cork
& Crown Manufactory faced demolition, and it also caused a two-year dispute of cultural preservation. In the end,
Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government registered several buildings as historic buildings in 2015.
The Nangang Cork & Crown Manufactory as a few surviving factories established during the Japanese colonial
period in Nangang District, this article took it as a research object and tries to discover the history, cultural significance
and value of the factory through relevant literature and archives.
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