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Volume Number / Issue Number 19/2
Title Introduction of Two Corporate Archives: the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited and the Swire Group
Issued Date 2020/12
Author Chen I-Hwa
Abstract The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited & Swire Group are two major international groups
which have been rooted in Hong Kong for over 100 years, retaining a long tradition of corporate culture, ethics and
spirit. These two companies have attached great importance to archives and established historical archives management
departments to engage in acquisition, arrangement, preservation, display, research and education in order to improve
the archives literacy and conception of people . The two groups have many similarities with each other, for example,
the founders are both British. When they came to the east for trading, they appreciated Hong Kong, a free economic
zone and transportation hub, as global base. In addition to the rapid economic development, these enterprises hope
that the public will pay attention to their archives, which carry important institutional and social memories and become
evidence on local life in Hong Kong, social changes and the overall development of the company.
This article introduces the history of the two major groups, the purpose and function of the historical archives
departments, and analyzes their collection, management, application and exhibition, as a reference for our domestic
enterprises to show the essence of corporate culture.
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