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Volume Number / Issue Number 19/2
Title The Exploration of the Potential on Articial Intelligence Applications to Improve Public Governance
Issued Date 2020/12
Author Ting Yu-Jen, Lin Tze-Luen
Abstract Artificial intelligence (AI) is a core enabling technology for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and is currently
reshaping every aspect of the modern world. This paper aims to explore the potential on utilizing AI technology to
enhance the effectiveness of public governance. We identify several highly potential areas for AI applications to improve
public governance, which include raising performance evaluation and operation management, improving quality of civil
services, enriching regulatory policies, and enhancing the quality of decision making.
Then the paper examines the case of the Ministry of Labor which has utilized AI to develop a new archival
management system, and a telephone service center. Accordingly, we provide some recommendations for the
government to effectively introduce AI applications to enhance public governance, including such as encouraging the
more intense integration among public administration and mature AI technologies via Human-Robot Collaboration,
ensuring accountability, strengthening AI awareness of civil servants. In conclusion, the paper encourages the
government to promote wide-ranging social dialogue and deliberative discussion on the utilizing AI in public
governance and helping envision and produce public value.
Page 24-41

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