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Volume Number / Issue Number 19/2
Title The Policy Development and Promotion Strategy of the Service for Passing and Exchanging Electronic Documents System
Issued Date 2020/12
Author Chiu Chu-Mei, Lin Chi-Fan
Abstract The Service for Passing and Exchanging Electronic Documents system (SPEED), known as the new-generation
official document exchanging system, was launched in 2018 and has been recognized as one of the national critical
information infrastructures (CII). It mainly provides more than 33,000 user clients between government agencies and
private enterprises, organizations and groups with the exchange of official documents electronically. In recent years, due
to the rampant internet hacking, the risk of the exchange system has also increased significantly. Therefore, when facing
security threats, it is imperative to start immediate security enhancement actions and minimize possible disaster losses.
According to past experience of dealing with the security attacks on the exchange system, the fundamental solution is to
develop a new generation of exchange system, and reconstruct the receiving and sending module to interface with the
official document system by a set of APIs. However, the API framework involves modifying some official document-related
programs on the agencies’ end, which makes the promotion activities more difficult. Therefore, when planning promotion
strategies for a new-generation exchange system, in addition to ensuring the quality of system development and testing, a
feasibility assessment is also required, and relevant actions are to adjust in due course during the promotion period.
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