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Title: The New Building Program of National Archives of Japan

Author: Chen Shu-Mei, Tai Fang-Ling Issued Date: 2021-6
Page: 110-119

Title: Digital Restoration of Photographic Archives: A Practice Case of Motion Picture Films in National Ar

Author: Kuo Tzu-Miao Issued Date: 2021-6
Page: 98-109

Title: The Application of Beacon Micro Positioning Technology

Author: Kao Chien-Lin Issued Date: 2021-6
Page: 88-97

Title: A Preliminary Study on the Professional Certification of Archivists – Academy of Certified Archivist

Author: Tseng Tzu-Chia Issued Date: 2021-6
Page: 82-87

Title: A Preliminary Study of the Monitoring System for the Reborns (Hsin Sheng Fen Tzu) in Taiwan’s Late-Authoritarian Period

Author: Liao Hung-Jui Issued Date: 2021-6
Page: 66-81

Title: A Study of the Establishment of National High Schools During the Anti-Japanese War (1937-1945)

Author: Hsu Yung-Yi Issued Date: 2021-6
Page: 52-65

Title: Sino-American Military-technical Cooperation in Wartime: A Case Study of Setting up a Meteorological

Author: Liu Fang-Yu Issued Date: 2021-6
Page: 38-51

Title: A Study on Risks and Evaluation Criteria of Electronic Records in Government Agencies in Taiwan

Author: Chen Long-Tian, Lin Chiao-Min Issued Date: 2021-6
Page: 16-37

Title: The Challenges of Blockchain Applications on Administrative Innovation in Government

Author: Hsu Fang-Ming, Ho Tsu-Feng Issued Date: 2021-6
Page: 4-15

Title: Introduction to the Construction of Library and Archives Canada’s Second Preservation Center in Gatineau, Quebec

Author: Hsu Hua-Lin Issued Date: 2020-12
Page: 158-163

Title: Introduction to National Archives Foundation

Author: Chang Chia-Pin Issued Date: 2020-12
Page: 148-157

Title: Introduction to the EU Project CO:OP (Community as Opportunity–Creative archives’ and users’ network)

Author: Kuo Chung-Hsuan Issued Date: 2020-12
Page: 138-147

Title: The Experience of Kaohsiung International Airport Participating in the 17th Archives Management Quality Awards

Author: Hung Tzu-Yu, Chen Hui-Chu Issued Date: 2020-12
Page: 122-137

Title: Summary of: Participation in the 2019 ARA Conference and Visit to the WYHC

Author: Tu Hsiao-Chin, Wei Ya-Huei Issued Date: 2020-12
Page: 108-121

Title: A Visit to the Archives in Australia

Author: Lin Chiu-Yen, Yang Hsiao-Wen Issued Date: 2020-12
Page: 96-107

Title: The Research for the Preservation of Urban Industrial Heritage in Taiwan: a Case of Nangang Cork & Crown Manufactory

Author: Hsiao Chen-An Issued Date: 2020-12
Page: 76-95

Title: Introduction of Two Corporate Archives: the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited and the Swire Group

Author: Chen I-Hwa Issued Date: 2020-12
Page: 58-75

Title: International Cooperation in Taiwan: United Nations and Taiwan’s Urban Plan, 1960-1971

Author: Hsu Feng-Yuan Issued Date: 2020-12
Page: 42-57

Title: The Exploration of the Potential on Articial Intelligence Applications to Improve Public Governance

Author: Ting Yu-Jen, Lin Tze-Luen Issued Date: 2020-12
Page: 24-41

Title: The Policy Development and Promotion Strategy of the Service for Passing and Exchanging Electronic Documents System

Author: Chiu Chu-Mei, Lin Chi-Fan Issued Date: 2020-12
Page: 4-23