National Archives Administration Rules for Access to Government Records and Information

23 November 2001
Issued per Letter No. (90) Dang-Mi-Zi-0001967
28 June 2004
Amended per Letter No. Dang-Mi-Zi-0930010264
16 June 2006
Amended per Letter No. Dang-Mi-Zi-09500148541
21 April 2014
Name and some provisions amended per Letter No. Dang-Mi-Zi-1030015336

1.The National Archives Administration, National Development Council (NAA) has specially adopted these Rules in order to implement the provisions in the Archives Act, the Freedom of Government Information Law, and Article 46 of the Administrative Procedure Act that govern access to government records, the provision of government information, and the hand-copying or viewing of required documents.

2.A party who wishes to view, copy, or duplicate NAA records, government information, or documents ("government records and information ") shall submit an application to the NAA together with a written explanation of the reason for the application (for a sample application form, see Attachment 1).

The application form of the preceding paragraph may be delivered in person or by mail.

3.Applications shall be processed by the case-handling unit in a manner consistent with the nature of the government records and information that the applicant is seeking to access.

When processing an application to access government records and information, the case-handling unit shall first review the content of the application, carry out an intra-agency or inter-agency loan as necessary, and prepare a letter of approval/rejection (Attachment 2), then forward the application to the appropriate NAA supervisor for a final disposition.

Within fifteen days of receiving the request for government records and information, the decision on whether to approve or reject an application shall be made; the time may be extended for no longer than fifteen days if necessary.

4.An applicant who fails to follow proper procedures or provide all the required materials shall be notified to supplement the application or make a correction within seven days; if the applicant is unable to make a correction or supplement the application by the deadline, the application shall be rejected forthwith.

Under the conditions contemplated in the preceding paragraph, the 15-day period for deciding whether to approve or reject an application as referred to in the third paragraph of the preceding point shall be counted from the day on which the applicant supplements the application or makes a correction.

5.When a party applies to view, hand-copy, or reproduce government records and information, any access shall be granted in principle to reproductions. For government records and information that are stored electronically, any access shall be granted in principle to images or reproductions.

6.Government records and information containing materials that are restricted from making available to the public or provision, only the other parts without restriction shall be provided.

7.An applicant who comes to the NAA to access government records and information shall be allowed to enter the NAA's designated access service area only after showing the letter of approval/rejection and a photo ID and duly completing the registration procedure.

When an applicant accesses the originals, he or she shall be accompanied by the case officer.

8.When an applicant enters the access service area, he or she shall observe the following requirements:
(1) Applicants are not allowed to drink, eat, smoke, or engage in noisy behavior.
(2) Applicants are not allowed to damage or soil the premises.
(3) Applicants are not allowed to have in their possession ballpoint pens, writing brushes, or other instruments that could easily deface the records and documents.
(4) Hand-copying of government records and information shall be done only with a pencil, a portable computer, or a portable storage device.
(5) Applicants are not allowed to have personal items in their possession.
(6) Applicants are not allowed to connect without permission to a power source or log on to the NAA network.
(7) Equipment provided by the NAA shall be properly protected, and shall not be damaged.

Permission is required for the use of "a portable computer or a portable storage device" as referred to in subparagraph 4 of the preceding paragraph, and an applicant using such equipment shall abide by the NAA's information security policy and related rules; before a portable storage device is used, it shall be scanned by the NAA for viruses.

If an applicant needs to temporarily leave the access service area, he or she shall hand over the records and documents to the case officer for safekeeping; an applicant using an image viewing system shall first log off the system.

9.An applicant who accesses to government records and information shall keep them fully intact,and shall not engage in any of the following behaviors:
(1) Annotating, altering, changing, removing, marking, or soiling the government records and information;
(2) Pulling bound records or documents apart.
(3) Damaging or altering the government records and information in some other way.

10.If an applicant commits any of the violations listed under point 8 or point 9 while accessing government records and information, the NAA may revoke access privileges and record the matter. Where the circumstances are serious, legal measures may be pursued.

11.Government records and information being accessed shall not be taken outside the access service area, and shall be returned on the same day.

When government records and information are returned as referred to in the preceding paragraph,the NAA case officer shall not return the applicant's ID document until after checking to ensure that there are no errors and that the applicant has logged off any image viewing equipment that may have been used.

12.Access service hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Access service is not available on weekends or national holidays.

13.Fees for viewing, hand-copying, or reproducing government records and information shall be paid by the applicant in accordance with the Fee Standards for Viewing, Hand-copying or Duplication of Archives.

After a fee as referred to in the preceding paragraph has been paid, the NAA shall prepare a
receipt and provide it to the applicant.
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